Learn to be caring, curious, and creative

Matterkids activates the wonderful world of design in children. We create design activities and products that cultivate children’s innate propensity to be caring, curious and creative.


How can I help? Inculcate a strong sense of empathy in your child as they learn to better understand how others might feel.

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It was fun, and I liked the shape of the sponge I created. I learnt how to be creative and use my hands.


Workshop Participant, 8 years old

Workshop participant, 7 years old


When I don't know, I just anyhow start first and it can still be nice.

Design education for kids


What can I do? Cultivate your child's natural curiosity by encouraging them to ask questions, observe, and explore the world around them.


How can I make it better? Support your child in having creative courage, thinking differently, and making connections.

Our workshops

Matterkids is a branch of STUCK Design, 
a design consultancy that makes things people love.


What’s in a chore? Join us in a series of exercises to think with your heart and your hands! In adult and child pairs, you’ll learn to understand what makes dishwashing a chore and design your very own set of sponges for cleaning. It’ll be a chore no more! 

Coming soon to The Artground!

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Workshop fun on 10 July 2021!